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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  December 29, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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is in critical condition in hospital. >> we were talking at dinner. it hurts because i did not get to say goodbye. >> the three were returning from the club around 3:00 in the morning. >> she was graduating from high point. she was going to go to art school. she was a very beautiful girl. >> police are still trying to piece together, trying to figure out exactly what caused this accident. the friends of the three victims say they will be holding a vigil tonight for them at 7:00.
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let's switch gears and talk about the weather. you might have seen a few snowflakes this afternoon. >> yes, i did. here is what it looked like to our west. the snow came down, but it did not stick. >> temperatures are in the 50's this weekend. but today, some excitement. we have received a couple of pictures. this one is from twitter in gaithersburg. our camera in damascus picked up a little snow shower. more snow showers to the north and pennsylvania. i think around here, we will see
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skies clearing. we are in the 30's and 40's right now. temperatures are slightly below average. right now we see a warm up as we head towards a new year's. but wait until you see how cold it is going to be next week. the man accused of murdering a mother and child has been indicted. in montgomery county grand jury indicted curtis lopez today in the death of his estranged wife jane mcquain and her son william. they rested lopez in north carolina the next day. a week later investigators found the body of william in a wooded area. lopez faces an arraignment next month. we now know the identities of the drivers involved in yesterday's deadly crash. it involved a metro bus and send a number of people to the hospital.
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>> investigators have identified the victim in this case as 49- year-old. police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened the family is trying to cope with the loss of a loved one. along the rocks the pike, pieces of a shattered fans are all that left -- along rocks the pike. >> it is a constant problem. >> smashing into a metro bus bound for lake forest mall. the driver of the bus and several others suffered injuries. bryant who remains in the hospital, had been with metro
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since 1998. investigators are turning to the surveillance video. >> hopefully, that video will give them more information as to how the crash occurred. >> the tragic accident happened just east of this town. -- his home. >> there has been accidents up and down the stretch of road constantly. not many fatalities in the next year. >> it is really bad. by the time they do something, i do not know what they can do. >> you can see those orange markings right next to where this accident happened. the accident investigation team was out here trying to figure out what led to all of this. they're hoping that the video will fill in some of the pieces of this accident. they are asking anyone with information to contact police. we are live in bethesda.
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federal help is on the way to a handful of virginia counties. fema approve the request for disaster aid for residents in culpeper the city of friedrichs berg will also get aid. >> as some occupy in cameras are being dismantled, at least one in washington is not going anywhere soon. a permit for protesters in freedom plaza was supposed to expire by the end of the week. that is along for the case. >> police are very concerned about the extended stay of these occupiers will tap critical police resources in washington. like it or not, they are here tuesday. at least for the next 60 days. the tents will be allowed to
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stay. the u.s. park service has issued a permanent extension allowing the protesters to remain until the end of february. she says the longer they stayed the more they get their message out. >> if raeburn not in the public space, it would be harder for people to come to us. >> there is concern that this long term demonstration and another at mcpherson square is draining police resources. crime is up 17% between november and december because officers are not able to patrol neighborhoods. >> and no one wants to infringe on their rights to protest peacefully. when we have to step in, it becomes unsay for the residents
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in the neighborhoods. >> people have mixed opinions about whether the occupiers should be allowed to remain. >> it is not a bother to me at all. >> they need to be kicked out of fear. -- of here. >> this extension will last a the end of february. at one point they will have to share this area would counter protesters. >> do you think it was the right move for the national park service to let them stay? we posed the question on our web site and facebook page. 83% say it was not the right move. five days and counting until the iowa caucuses. mitt romney is leading the republican field with 25%. ron paul is second with 22%.
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rick santorum is in third place. we will have much more on the republican race coming up at 6:00. experts say do not expect gas prices to go down anytime soon. we are live in arlington with a look at how much more we will be paying at the pump. >> people we spoke with today say they have paid way too much in gas prices this year. they say that is not a surprise. what is a surprise is that prices are expected to rise. $40, that is how much michael puts into his car at least two or three times a week. >> it cost me a lot more money. >> he is not alone. drivers across the nation have paid more on average this year than ever before. >> it does not surprise me.
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>> i will be getting a skateboard. >> this year, the average family in our area will have spent about $4,500 on gas alone. last year, the average was just about -- above $37. -- above $3,700. >> this is the highest we have ever paid. this is the highest we've ever paid going into a new year. this is the last thing we need. >> that is almost $900 driver said they could use for other things. >> times are hard now. the paycheck is not getting any bigger, obviously. >> with current conflict in the middle east, the price of crude could creep up to $100 or more per a barrel. if that happens we did see gas prices go up $1 more by spring. >> my babies are you're from
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georgia of. i would probably not be your visiting them. >> the price you are paying right now of for a gallon of gas is cheaper than we paid last month. all of that is expected to change as we continue through this winter months. >> thank you. with gas prices hitting new record highs for the year paying at the palmtops a new list of the worst local transportation stories of 2011. another one of the worst is the drive, of many local residents that many people will not forget -- the nightmare snowstorm. drivers were stuck in their cars for 12 hours or more. remember that? >> it was not all bad. on the list of the best transportation news of the year the travel group picks the opening of maryland's new toll road.
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it linked montgomery county and prince george's county. the first two segments opened this year. 50 years after the endive -- idea was first proposed. if you would like to see a full list of the best and of course, check out our website >> coming up, a scathing report details the controversial hiring of a high-priced metro employee and the fallout. >> description video of a dog rescue from the side of the mountain. >> new speed cameras, find out where you will need to slow down in 2012. >> the best movies of the year.
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movie ticket sales were down this year, but it was still a big year for the movies. >> what were the best? arch campbell has his top 10 movies of 2011. >> there are a few hundred ibid
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like to forget. -- hundred i would like to forget. >> the boy who lived come to die. >> harry potter is grand finale top this year's box office. >> i have to come up with the questions, too? >> "the help" make the best transition from book to a movie. "bridesmaids" that the year's best laughs. >> i am glad you are here. >> woody allen delivered his best can "midnight in paris." brad pitt looks oscra bound --
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oscar bound. michelle williams looks oscar bound. >> ryan gosling defines cool in "drive." ♪ best picture without words -- "the artist." that is entertainment news. >> "the artist" was the only
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picture without words. >> it was one of the best of the year. >> you can see a lot more if you would like. reed is movie reviews. >> i think i want to see what disturbs them. >> we have been watching a dramatic rescue unfolds in southern california this afternoon. did a short time ago firefighters rescued a hunter and his dog after they somehow got stranded on a cliff side. this happened in los angeles. the dog sled down this cliff and the man chased after the dog. firefighters used harnesses and a lot of ingenuity to dig down there and arrested the man and the dog. it appears that both are now safe and in good condition. >> we have been watching that all afternoon.
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around here, that it feels more wintry. >> 29 day of december and now we have something to talk about. let's start our coverage with another image. this is in frederick county. one of our cameras -- we will put that in motion. we will see the skies darkened. temperatures are too warm to sustain anything on the ground. the ground is warm enough. as far as what is coming our way, we will have some chilly temperatures tonight. it is cold enough to make snow.
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36 degrees in potomac right now. temperatures will drop a little bit more it tonight. upper 20's by morning. we are in the mid-30's north and west of town. a little milder south, 45 in fredericksburg. 50 degrees reported in norfolk virginia right now. this cold there is going to peel off to the east. there is a lot of cold air, and that is going to make a move on this, but not until next week. some or arab -- some warm air way south. we will see the cooler temperatures prevailed while longer.
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some cladding a splintering but back behind this, skies will clear tonight. that will allow temperatures to drop. the next several days, we will warm things up. it will warm us into the lower 50's tomorrow and right through new year's eve. it is the upper 50's by new year's day. but then it all changes. by late sunday evening, a cold front across the great lakes. you will feel it, you'll hear it, and temperatures will drop. a big front because it will so dramatically change our local weather. 28 to 35 in the morning. our average high is 44, so these numbers are well above the seasonal average. let's check out the next seven days. lower 50's tomorrow and saturday.
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with the front behind us, monday will be colder. tuesday, wednesday and thursday it struggling through the low 30's. temperatures will warm up by the weekend. definitely a taste of winter. >> its is the best kind of snow. >> coming up, verizon wireless customers -- >> i think it would be sad if it closed. >> the little towns in maryland once known as the wedding chapel capital of the east.
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i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could sa you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> for many high school students, the idea of going to college is just a pipe dream. they offer a class on how to make college streams a reality. >> i have always wanted to go to college and be the first generation to go to college. >> her dream just make come true. for one. every other day at this high school students learn what it
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takes to get into college. >> work. you will have to work to get it. >> the yearlong program prepares high-school seniors for life after high school. >> how to make action plans and how to implement them. hopefully, that is something they can transfer to whatever they do at college and at work. >> it helps students write personal statements, fill out resumes, at and what could be application process. >> being in the program has been a life changing experience. >> i walk away with a sense of pride, confidence. >> principal says patience is not alone. >> they realize, i am doing great. i have overcome these obstacles.
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>> students like stacy now have a plan to move forward. >> i know where to start. after this class, i really started burning. >> college summit has done so much to change kids thinking about themselves. it is amazing. about 80% of the students go on to college. the program is not just for the college-bound. it helps young men and women with work skills and even those considering a career in the military. coming up, gets ready to shell out more on one of the busiest toll roads on the east coast. you will want to slow down in 2012. some new speed cameras are going up. metro is under fire for some big paychecks.
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from theedroom you could see the fire and that work me right up. and it wit absolutely terrifying. we got out of there as quickly as we could. i'm watching the house burn up and i'm sitting there saying, there goes everything. these days you don't have to lose your house in a fire to ow what it's like to be left on n the edge in the cold. the shelter gave us a place to stay. and citizens energy helped the shelter with heat. i'm excited to finally have a place of my own. citizens energy is helping us with the oil. citizens energy wa created to help the forgotten ones keep warm. we asked the big oil companies and oil producing nations to help. only citgo and the people of venezuela said yes. and this year, in spite of soaring fuel prices, congress cut home heating assistance nearly in half. while people need help more than ever. for e last seven years, citgo has helped families and homeless shelters in good times and in bad.
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thanks joe and thanks citgo. so if you need help staying warm this winter give me a call because no one should be left out in the cold. you are watching abc7 news
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at 5 with leon harris, alison starling doug hill. this is abc 7 news at 5:00 on your side. a report reveals some controversy surrounding a metro paycheck. >> metro paid more than $150,000 to a friend of the metro executive. >> rebecca cooper has the story. >> in the inspector general report released last year, but revealed only today, metro officials hired a near bankrupt a friend of the metro officials for a six-figure salary trade -- salary. even in the midst of major financial trouble, metro hired this consultant.
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>> would so many people suffering that is unbelievable. >> without a throw background check or completed job application, metro paid him $140,000 a year in salary. $10,000 signing bonus and $20,000 in moving expenses to relocate. >> there should be more controls in place. >> how much would you pay for morale for metro bus drivers? the report reveals that when it was a blow reported several wilson -- sarah wilson it was the whistle blower that backfired. the evidence supports the whistle-blowers claims that he was fired for his complaint. >> that person is a hero. >> that is what happens. that is why people are so afraid to speak out. >> today officials told us the
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alleged impropriety predates the current leadership of metro. the key people involved and the longer employed. metro riders told us that response passes the buck. the former consultant, he has a new job working for the d.c. government. >> charges have been dropped against the local high school football players fire -- father following a brawl earlier this year. police have charged him with assault and battery. he said he was trying to stop -- he claims he was hit several times, that he never hit anyone in return. yesterday, prosecutors change the charge to a charge of trespassing. here are some of the top stories. a car accident overnight killed two young women and critically
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injured a third. police say jenice richards crushed to suv on university boulevard. >> d.c. occupy protesters will be around for a while longer. the u.s. park service has expanded -- extended the protesters permanent. protesters think the longer they will stay, the longer their message will get out. >> gas prices could be heading back up again. triple a says iran paused to read could push oil prices to more than $100 a barrel. that could mean we could be paying $1 higher forecast this spring. with a new year about to start, a kid ready for some new speed cameras. -- get ready for some new speed cameras. >> i do think they are effective.
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>> drivers know what it is like to get caught on camera speeding. new cameras could mean new chances of getting a ticket. >> it does make me think about slowing down. >> and the first part of 2012, montgomery county plans to add 10 more cameras. currently, the county has 68 cameras. 58 in a fixed location, at 10 portable. traffic officials hope the additional portable cameras will make longer stretches of major roads safer. >> the lot is the law. i should not be speeding. >> this type of automated traffic enforcement is standing in the other counties as well. in prince george's county, speed cameras are just months old. the total number of cameras will go from 22 to 72.
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drivers who spoke would say the cameras are a nuisance, they are necessary. >> people are speeding. they are not -- they do all kinds of stuff on every road. >> here in months, a county, not only will they be adding the cameras, they will be operating half of the existing cameras. a water main break in rosslyn will affect the commute for many drivers. it is unclear how long it will take. beginning next year, you will need more change to drive through the garden state. polls will go up by as much as 50%. drivers will pay off $1.10 more for tolls on that turnpike.
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an extra 35 cents on the parkway. it is the second phase of toll hikes. it is time for a check on the traffic situation. >> let's take a look at the 14th street bridge. usually, you see much heavier traffic than this. on the left side, you are seeing heavy traffic but usually, it is much more crawling along. let's take another look further south at the springfield interchange. right now, looking good. south of that, we will see some heavy delays all the way to the prince william parkway. still ahead and historic chapel is now up for sale. >> local chefs rally around a popular
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a new high-profile restaurants in d.c. it seems to be getting some high-profile help in the kitchen. >> a chef is facing some serious medical problems. his brothers are stepping in to help. pamela brown is live in northwest washington.
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>> there really is a special bond between local chefs. when word came down that the owner of this restaurant would be out for two months, 10 chefs decided to step up, take a break from their own restaurants, and come here to help out. master chef r j cooper is the star of the show at his newly opened restaurant rogue 24. in november, at two months after the restaurant opened, a cardiologist gave him devastating news. he needed open-heart surgery. >> of 15, 16 hours a day. >> the risky procedure would mean cooper would be out of commission for 10 weeks. the father of twin girls felt he had no choice. >> it is much more important than working in a restaurant. >> i know he needs to care about
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his personal life all lot more than a restaurant. >> a weekly rotation of a guest chef, including the award winning -- >> we will merge our menus with his menu. it will be 12 dishes, for example. >> when you have a friend indeed, you have to step up to the plate. >> cooper says he is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. >> it is a 10-week show at the 9:30 club. >> he will be done the first session on january 10. the same day that cooper will be going in for his surgery. for a complete list of the ships involved and to learn more about how to buy tickets, go to our
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website, >> what a nice supportive fraternity they have going on. seven is on your side but white hon debt -- with 100 is recalling vehicles.
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mixed news about the success -- it can slow timber growth and women with ovarian cancer -- of their in cancer when added to chemotherapy. the fda has not approved it for treating ovarian cancer in the u.s. the agency wants to make sure devices are properly cleaned.
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infections are rare, but the potential still exists. honda is recalling more vehicles. it has already recalled 600,000 cars this year. it is adding another 272,000 vehicles to the list. that includes some older model accords. the air bags have caused a dozen entries. some good news for area shoppers to frequent sears and kmart. no local stores will be closing. sears holdings released the preliminary list. the closest or double be closing is a brand essential store. verizon is about to
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implement a new feet for some of its cell phone customers. >> a lot of reaction. customers have taken to twitter and facebook, outraged over the announcement of this new $2 fee. logging on to pay your cell phone bill is a convenience that is about to cost you. the wireless carrier announced those to make simple bill payments, or by telephone will be paying an extra $2. >> it is outrageous. " the charges kick in january 15 are to offset the cost incurred by the company by does to make a single payment each month. >> a customer for six years, he
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says the latest out on will have him looking elsewhere. >> i will not pay the $2 feet. i will find another carrier. >> there are several ways to avoid the extra fees. setting up automatic bill pay is one of them. >> i guess it does not really surprise me. everybody charges a couple of bucks. people just find ways around it. >> some of the other ways that customers can avoid the charge, paying with an electronic check, payments made with online banking, or forgoing the site altogether and mailing in your check the old fashion way. "the new york times offers a discount to a lot more customers than men to. the accident send an e-mail to more than 8.5 billion people offering them a four-month subscription at half the normal
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rate. the e-mail was only supposed to go to 300 people who recently canceled their subscription. the paper apologized and said the employee had said the mill out by mistake. here is a look at what is coming up in prime time. it is another charlie brown cartoon. that is tonight at 8:00. that is followed by "grey's anatomy." we have the latest on the gop. the candidates crisscross iowa, a new poll numbers show another shake-up and one gop contender faces new challenges in his battle to get on the ballot right here in virginia. how much is a tweet worth?
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it is all free. just follow me. 1500 followers, i will always take more. it is a very cool evening. snow flurries and snow showers early in the day. let me show you the time lapse for the past hour or so. just very beautiful evening. look at that steady movement of that cloudiness. that will diminish tonight and the temperatures will continue to fall. 34 in gaithersburg. 41 at the eastern shore. 42 in the nation's capital. we will be in the range of 28 to 35 by morning. it is high pressure and a very quiet pattern.
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partly cloudy skies for the next few days. we will give a push on new year's day. we will be in the upper 50's on sunday. sunday night and monday, a big push of the coldest air of the season. nice tomorrow, partly cloudy. the numbers are climbing, and then dropping for the first few days of next week. if you need weather information, it is always available at that is the latest. people are reminiscing for the good old days? is that what you are here to tell us? >> the numbers speak for themselves. mike shanahan could do worse than that. >> there is still one more game against philadelphia. five was a big number for the redskins. it is the amount of years mike shanahan's contract.
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as he closes on his second year even he admitted the rebuilding process has taken longer than expected. go figure. mike shanahan must win on sunday to match the former coach's two- year record in washington. today, he was asked point blank does he expect to be back next year? >> there is no doubt in my mind. if you do not plan on the coaching five years, your hiring the wrong guy. it is gone to take some time. >> the miami heat are now three and zero nearly escaping charlotte last night. lebron james was robbed. check this out. adding insult to injury, the
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dunk bounces off his head. he finished the night with 35 points. those two points could have been the deciding factor. >> so what. >> california against texas check out this. right over the offensive line. just crushes him. it does not did better than that. it was an exciting game. >> i have no sympathy for him. he is making how much more than die combined? how much? -- you and i combined? up next -- the wedding capital of the east, and this is the
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decades before las vegas there was merrill lynch. >> celebrities and thousands of everyday people would drive for miles to go and get married. the last chapel is up for sale. the history and the love that is still surrounding it. >> would you like a tissue or something? >> pretty nervous. >> this rev. is minutes away from carrying his 6000 couple. and they may be one of his last. >> my wife is 81. >> the historic little wedding chapel is for sale. >> by pledging your love to each other. >> they want to hold out for a
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buyer that will solemnly swear to carry out the tradition. there were a dozen chapel's just like this one. reverence matt says there is only one reason why he is has survived. -- rev. ed smith says there is only one reason why he has survived. it is across the street from the courthouse. >> baby boomers have fewer children. they are waiting later in life to be married. the internet has allowed people to have more options. >> dismissed rely solely on the civility of former customers. >> one of our friends from work got married dear. my stepfather, his parents got married here. >> she likes to a imagine her daughter.
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in 12 minutes the ceremony is over. one budding closer to the end of a one--- 100-year-old history. >> that is all for abc 7 news at 5:00. at 6:00, to communities morning after a nine-year-old girl who went to school in maryland is found dead in a dumpster. a security scare at the world trade center in new york. >> what factors will decide the winner in iowa? we have those big numbers worth watching. captioned by the national captioning institute live and in hd, this is abc7 news at 6 on your side. we begin tonight with the drama in the morning -- des moines. the campaign trail is


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